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a href backlink checker

ByRohit Sharma

Mar 28, 2021

a href backlink checker

Hello friends, we are going to talk in todays topic a href backlink checker How can you check the back link of any website of ahref back link checker. So you do not have to do anything, by following some easy steps, you can know which website has how many back links, how many do follow and how many no follow links. First of all we will talk about the paid application back link checker. After that we will give you tips how you can check for free. How to buy first for a paid application. For this you should know that you can understand our step by following it, first you click on seotooladda and open it, after that you will see some such interface.

1) Enter Email.

2) After that, give  the name, phone number, and what reason you are downloading for it.

3) He will give you a code, that is your password.

4) After that you will get verify link on gmail, from there you have to verify.

5) After that you can download the back link checker from it at a very cheap price.

By the way, if all that application is very expensive, then you are going to see some of its terms and conditions.

As it is some of their limitation, you can see here

After that you choose any application and use it, you will not have any problem if you run with their conditions, like you can check 30 domains and 25 keywords in a day and check 5 articles in one day. is. You cannot use any kind of scam link. So you can install it by doing this step but you have to do these ways to use it, first you buy any application, then you open it. Like we are showing you in this.

You have to enter your domain here. Below that you will see how many do follow and how many no follow link.

2> How to download and use the back link checker for free.

First of all, giving you a link to a website, in which you can go and check that how good this website is from all the websites and what is its price, you can see all of it, there are 3 types of offers in it, in which Free, Professional And Interprice can be found by clicking sumo on this link. In this, you will get a lot of options, in which you get more features in the interprice, which is You will not get the rest of the two options, today we will tell you how you can take the professional in full for free. All you have to do is follow our steps.

1 ) First of all open this link freelinkchecker  .

2) After that you will have the option to get now on the right side.

3) You have to enter it by clicking on it.

4) After that you will get to see a page in which you have to enter your gmail and you have to enter the password. Remember, never enter your main gmail id password in it.

5) After that you have to click on checking out.

6) After that you click on redeem now in the side of redemption url in right side.

After that you have to enter your name and gmail which you entered while logging in.

7) After that you have to click on Redeem. After that you will get the option to download.

8) After the file is downloaded, you have to install it.

9) After downloading, you have to check the back link of the website from you. He will ask you to enter the url and make it ok.

10) After that you will get two option goggle analytics and google search console you have to do next without doing anything.

After that you will get a full view, the website of which you have searched the url. There is a back link of how many do follow and how many no follow. The most important work for which I was telling you to install. You have to enter a key that your application should be registered for one year. Only after opening you, he will ask for the key. You must have received that key from sumo on your gmail, you will get a name and register key here, you just have to copy it and put it in the application. After that your application will work properly.


I think you all know how to used a href backlink checker. If understand and like my post than share with your friends.

Thank you so much

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