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About Milkha Singh his Life Journay his wife and date for birth date and many.-Learn4everything

ByRohit Sharma

Jun 21, 2021

 Today we are going to talk about a very great player Mr. Milkha Singh who is no more with us today. It is very sad to inform you that he has died on 18 june 2021(aged 91) and his date of birth was 20 november 1929. Milkha Singh was also known as Flying sikh.

Milkha Singh, byname the Flying Sikh,  Indian track-and-field athlete who became the first Indian male to reach the final of an Olympic athletics event when he placed fourth in the 400-metre race at the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome. He take participated many marathons for our country and has brought laurels to our country by participating in many international sports, but today we are very sad to let you know that He will not win this race of corona period. Let us tell you that 4 days before his death, his wife Nirmal Saini had passed away, some time ago, both Milkha Singh and his wife got Corona tested and both the reports were positive. 

Tha Milkha Singh’s report became negative in a few days, but by then his wife’s health had deteriorated a lot, both Milkha Singh and his wife were undergoing treatment in different wards, when his wife died, this news came to him.The family members or his son did not tell Milkha Singh, he thought that when Milkha Singh gets better then he will be told this but when the doctor said that Milkha Singh’s health is getting worse then his Son  Jeev Milkha Singh.  He went to his father Milkha Singh and said softly in his ear that dad, you are also going to mother.  And after saying this, Mr. Milkha Singh ji died the very next day. You will be very sad to know that at the time of his death, when his dead body was being carried, he was holding his wife’s photo in his hand. Singh has been a very honorable sportsperson of our country that is why his funeral procession was given at this time with a twenty one gun salute and his son Jeev Milkha Singh performed the last rites. Milkha Singh and his wife are both athletes, both have participated in many international sports for our country and brought laurels to our country. Milkha Singh first saw his wife Nirmal Saini during a marathon game and she has been with us since then.  It was on. There was little harm in their marriage because Milkha Singh belonged to a Sikh family and his wife from a Hindu family but at that time the Chief Minister of Punjab, Mr. Partap Singh Kairon explained to the family members of his Nirmal Saini, after that Milkha Singh and his wife were married became in bondage.  He was in his signature style dress even during the last race of his life.  We all pray to the Lord that wherever Milkha Singh is, stay happy and his soul rest in peace.

From 2020 to 2021, this time is going very delicate for us because in the meantime we wanted many of our stars.  And lost some of the best players.  You all know how much our big stars and big athletes take care of their health, even after taking so many precautions, if they can be corona positive then it is even more difficult for a common man to stay safe.  But all of you stay in your homes and do  follow the guidelines.If you want any Information about Corona,Black fungus.How to register for covid vaccine.you can read our another post on that topic.Thank you and keep supporting.

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