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Adjectives questions on Microsoft Word. (part 02)

ByRohit Sharma

May 28, 2020

Aptitute Question

Question no.1

Text boundary can be displayed or hidden from
a) Customize from tools menu
b) Auto text option from insert menu
c) Options from Tools menu
d) All of above

Question no.2

Thesaurus tools in MS Word is used for…
a) Spelling suggestions
b) Synonyms and Antonyms word
c) Grammar options
d) All of above

Question no.3

To autofit the width of column
a) Double click the right border of column
b) Double click the left border of column
c) Double click the column header
d) All of above

Question no.4

To open column dailog box quickly
a) Double click on the left margin area of ruler
b) Double click the space between area on ruler
c) Double click the right margin in ruler
d) All of above

Question no.5

When inserting page number in footer it appeared 1 but you wish to show how can you do that ?
a) From format menu choose bullets and Numbering and configure necessary setting ?
b) From insert menu choose page number and specify necessary setting
c) Click on page number format tools and specify required setting
d) All of above

Question no.6

Which of the following are word processing software ?
a) WordPerfect
b) Easy Word
c) MS Word
d) All of above

Question no.7

Which of the following is graphics solution for Word Processor ?
a) Clipart
b) Wordart
c) Drop Cap
d) All of Above

Question no.8

After typing header text,how can you quickly enter footer text ?
a) Click on Switch between Header & Footer then type the text
b) Press PageDown key and type the text for footer
c) Both of these
d) All of above

Question no.9

By default,your document prints with:
a) 1 inch top and bottom margins
b) a portrait orientation
c) 1.25 inches left and right margins
d) All of above

Question no.10

In mail merge operation which of the following might the represent the mail document
a) A sales brochure
b) A form letter
c) A database of Names and Addresses
d) All of above

Question no.11

It is possible to……….a data source before performing a merge.
a) Create
b) Modify
c) Sort
d) all of above

Question no.12

To remove page number in MS Word….
a) Header and Footer Command from view menu
b) Page Number command from insert menu
c) Options command from tool menu
d) All of above

Question no.13

Word Processing package are….
a) Word start
b) Easy word
c) MS word
d) All of above

Question no.14

Columns Dailog Box 2003 can be opened from
a) Double click on column space in ruler
b) Press Alt+O+C
c) Format menu,Columns submenu
d) All of these

Question no.15

What is the shortcut key to spilt a table
a) Ctrl+Alt+Enter
b) Ctrl+Shift+Enter
c) Alt+Shift+Enter
d) Alt+Space+Enter

Question no.16

Selecting text means,selecting ?
a) A word
b) An entire sentence
c) whole document
d) Any of the above

Question no.17

The keystokes Ctrl+I used to
a) increase front size
b) Inserts a line break
c) Indicate the text should be hold
d) Applies italic format to selected text

Question no.18

How many different documents you can open at one time ?
a) No more than three
b) Only one
c) As many as your computer memory will hold
d) As many as your taskbar can display

Question no.19

The default language of Microsoft Word is …..
a) USA English
b) UK English
c) Canadian English
d) Austrailian English

Question no.20

Which option is not avaiable in insert table autofit behavior ?
a) Fixed column width
b) Autofit to contents
c) Autofit of column
d) Autofit to window

Question no.21

There can be many ways to insert page number in a document.Which of
the following lets you insert page number
a) Page number from insert menu
b) Page setup from insert menu
c) Footnote from insert menu
d) Both a & c

Question no.22

You can break the column
a) Pressing the Ctrl+shift
b) Pressing the Ctrl+shift+enter
c) Break command from view menu
d) Both A and B

Question no.23

You can hyperlink the files ….
a) Pressing the Ctrl+K
b) Pressing the Ctrl+Shift +K
c) Hyperlinks command from insert menu
d) Both A and C

Question no.24

How can you increase the font size of selected text by one point every time
a) By pressing Ctrl+]
b) By pressing Ctrl+[
c) By pressing Ctrl+}
d) By pressing Ctrl+{

Question no.25

Which of the folowing is not available on the ruler of MS Word Screen ?
a) Tab stop box
b) Left indent
c) Right indent
d) Centre indent


Aptitute Question & Answer

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