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Best and effective way to learn about keywords|long tail|short tail

ByRohit Sharma

Jul 10, 2021

Today we will learn about best and effective way to learn about keywords|long tail|short tail What is a keyword, what is a long tail keyword, what is a short tail keyword and what type of keyword we should work on and what type of keyword should not work on, all the questions you have in your mind today We will answer that you must have heard from the mouth of many of us, do not work on short tail because the competition is very high on it and work on long tail keyword, it will help in ranking your website or you have created a website on which you have Articles are written in 1000 to 500 words, yet your post is not ranking, what is the reason for this, today in this post we will know what is keywords and how can we get our website ranked by doing keyword research. Let’s start, so in today’s article, we will know what is the keyword, what are the words of the long-tail keyword shortcut.

What is keyword ?
As many of you will know that what is a word and those who are just starting this blogging, you may not know this, so that is why we are telling you today what is a single keyword, the meaning of speaking is that like That you search any thing on Google like if you want to download a movie as an example, then what will you search on Google, you will search Hindi movie download, full movie download ,full movie hd download or to download latest movie.

The method is different, so this is what we searched for full movie download, this is the same word, similarly, all the searches we told you are all the same keywords, so if you want to rank your website, then you have to rank your website. Its word has to be used in the title and its word will also have to be used in your description box so that Google’s bot can know on whom you have written the article and it will rank your website.

What are short tail keywords ?
The meaning of saying short tail is that in which the amount of keyword is less, it means like if you search on google make money online then it has 3 words it means it is a small keyword but if we search make money online in India its meaning it is a long tail keyword, then the keyword which is 3 or less than 3 is called short tail keyword.

How to do keyword research ?
In such a way, there are many applications and tools to do keyword research, with the help of which you can easily search keywords, but with the tool I am going to tell you, you can search for keywords and can also find out. that how much is the monthly traffic on it so that you can know which keyword you have to work on so that you can rank easily and quickly then the name of its word is keyword planner, first of all you have to login from your gmail After that you can search keywords in it as per your wish.

In this it also tells you that there is competition on this, so you do not have to pay attention to it because these things are for the advertising company, it is not for us, I have seen that many people do not know this thing And West gets cheated by things, then you do not have to do this, you just have to search your keyword from here and see the monthly traffic on it, if you want to know the competition of the thing you want to write then now By going to Google, searching the URL title, you can search it by putting your keyword together and there you will get the total result that how high or low competition is on its word.


I think all your doubts are know clear about best and effective way to learn about keywords|long tail|short tail if you like our post then please share it with your friends and relatives then they will also know about this.

Thank of so much.

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