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Best ways to know Car insurance be done without rc

ByRohit Sharma

Mar 27, 2023
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Car Insurance Claim without RC and Driving Licence:

These are certain fundamental document associates with a car’s comprehensive insurance policy. You need these introductory documents details to buy the insurance policy and to raise a claim. For case, you need the vehicle’s machine number while copping a policy and the policy number to raise a claim. still, insurance is each about misgivings. There can be incidents where some of the introductory documentation conditions might not be met due to extraordinary circumstances. Claims can be raised and settled indeed in analogous cases. Also, you have enhance your Comprehensive policy’s cover with help of Loss of License and Registration Certificate (RC) Add- on. Read ahead to know more.

How to Get Car Insurance Without Driving Licence of owner ?

Buying car insurance without a licence is possible since it isn’t obligatory to buy a policy for your car. still, it’s one of the most important documents needed to file a claim in case of an unfortunate accident. You can not produce someone additional’s driving licence. Insurance companies will authorize the claim only if the Driving Licence belong to person who was driving the insured car at the time of accident. However, the quantum will be credited to the policyholder’s account, If it does get approved. Also, you may be suitable to buy car insurance with a suspended licence; still, this is counterintuitive since the insurer won’t authorize the claim.

Car Insurance Claim without Driving Licence & Registration Certificate (RC):

How can raise a car insurance claim without RC & driving license? The answer is, yes. Can the same be done without a RC? The answer is grounded on the terms and conditions and the complications of the situation, but – it can be done. Purchasing a Loss of Registration Certificate (RC) or License Add- on can also prove to be helpful. A driving license isn’t demanded to buy a car. The simple reason being you can buy a car but choose not to drive it – you can hire a motorist. But the motorist needs to hold a valid driving license and that’s demanded at the time of a claim. What if commodity happens to the car? still, also effects should work out OK , If you have a comprehensive policy. Alternately, if you have lost pivotal documents, an Add- on like Loss of License or RC can be of backing.

Primary Driver Lives With You

You’ll have to be barred as the primary motorist of the car and your partner, children or any of your family members should be suitable to buy car insurance without your licence. still, some insurance companies may decline content. Check with exclusive insurance providers who offer motor insurance programs grounded on your demand. This can also be applied to a situation where the primary motorist lives with you but isn’t your family member. You’ll have to check insurers who offer this option.

Primary Driver have Not live With You

You may be suitable to ensure the car. Several insurance companies only allow you to ensure your car, which is named to the policyholder. insure you explain the demand to the insurance company at the time of buying the car insurance.

Why Would A Non-Driver Want To Get Car Insurance?

There are several reasons why anon-driver would want to enjoy a car and ensure it. The following are scripts when you want car insurance without a driving licence

Someone Else Is Driving You –

Maybe you have employed a motorist or a motorist to drive you to your office or other places. Or, one of your family members might drive the car that you enjoy and you may not drive at each. In this case, you’ll have to buy car insurance which will cover your motorist and the car.

Your Licence is Suspended –

You do have a driving licence to drive a four- wheeler; still, it may be suspended for colorful reasons. While you can not drive a car, it doesn’t mean you can not enjoy a car and ensure it. Hence, you may want to buy a car, ensure it and have it driven by a motorist or one of the family members.

Health Issues –

It could be due to physical impairment and you need a motorist or a caretaker who needs to drive you around. You still need a car which is ensured under your name, but you may not be driving it. Check with the insurance provider if they can offer a policy which will ensure your car under your name and include the motorist’s details.
Benefits of Loss of License/RC Add-on:

Then are the prominent features and benefits associated with the Add- on.
• Comes at a nominal cost.
• You can admit financial compensation in the case of loss of pivotal documents.
• Can be bought fluently along with Comprehensive car insurance online.
• Can prove helpful in overall claims agreement as this Add- on demands the submission of a First Information Report( FIR).
• It’s available for private as well as marketable vehicles
Private Car Package Insurance Policy Add-on: Loss of RC (Registration certificate) or License:

This Add- on can be bought by you for your private car by paying an fresh decoration. As a part of the cover, the insurance company will compensate you for the loss or theft of the government- issued driving license or enrollment instrument within the policy period. The outstanding quantum will be as per the agreed terms and conditions.
Special Conditions:

To raise a claim against this Add- on, you’ll have to submit a First Information Report( FIR) filed at a police station under whose governance the loss has passed.
Required Documents:

This Add- on can be bought with your car’s Comprehensive plan, which needs the vehicle’s machine and lattice number. To raise a claim, you need an active insurance policy and the below- mentioned FIR.

Things to Do If You Lost Your Driving RC (Registration certificate) or Licence or Smart Card:

A driving license and a enrollment instrument( RC) are important documents if you want to drive your car or ride a bike on Indian roads fairly. These are the documents that the business police ask for on with the insurance papers while conducting their routine checks. thus, if you have lost these documents, you need to apply for indistinguishable documents incontinently. Then’s how you can do so.
Step 1 – Approach the nearest police station and file a FIR (First Information Report).
Step 2 – Approach the nearest RTO and request for indistinguishable license RC forms.
Step 3 – Submit the filled operation form and add the FIR and the supporting forms to it.
Step 4 – Pay the applicable freights.
Step 5 – Admit the indistinguishable document via post.

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