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Black fungus.

ByRohit Sharma

May 27, 2021

So far, do not go from our country, another new disease is coming in the headlines.Once you get this fungus, your chances of survival are 50%.In which post you will know today what is black fungus and how can we avoid it and whether it is more dangerous than covid-19, we will answer all such questions in your mind.

What is black fungus white fungus or yellow fungus?
 So for the information of all of you, let us know that this is not a new disease. Such fungus is present everywhere in our environment, as if a vegetable fruit flowers, there is a fungus on it due to the rotting of things. It is also a similar type of fungus.The formal name of this fungus is mucormycosis.  It belongs to the Mucorales Fungal Family.These fungi are present in opportunistic infections.This means that it is only those who have an opportunity to go to their body.  For example, if your immune system is weak then this fungus can make you infected, but if you are entitled to a healthy body then you will not even know when this fungus came into your body and it is over.These fungus breaks down the new cells and tissue that is formed in your body, which makes you fall ill in a worse way.

 What causes the immune system to weaken?
 The reason that the immune system is weak is that if you have cancer and you have been treating it for a long time or you have diabetes or whether you are undergoing treatment and use steroids then your immune system can be weak and if you take any type of drugs.So this fungus can happen to you, but if you are a healthy person, there is very little chance that you have this fungal disease but if your environment remains clean, then you can avoid this disease. This is very rare disease to infect anyone.

How does black fungus spread in your body and what are its symptoms?
 Black fungus enters your body by the breathing and eating bad food such as food that has been kept for a long time and either this fungus is caused by a wound in your body.If the immunity of a person is weak, then this fungus can spread in his body in a week and can show his symptoms such as blackening near the nose, swelling in the face, this fungus can also enter your brain and this fungus Your eyes can also get irritated by this.

Black fungus white fungus or yellow fungus Is it all three different?
 For the information of all of you, let us know that it is basic on all things.Due to this, you will see blackness next to your nose and white fungus can cause your organism to become white and white cells can be seen in your food pipe.The reason for all these fungus is the same, people with weak immunity or excess moisture in your environment and another reason for this if you take hot water inhaling, you can also spread it in your body because the fungus  Needs moisture to form in your body.

Three Potential causes

1.) Overuse of Antibiotics. (Risk of fungal infection)

2.) Zinc Supplements.(fungi thrive in zinc in zinc-rich environment)

3.) Excessive steam inhalation.

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