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Covid 19 Updates

ByRohit Sharma

May 23, 2021

 Nowadays, both we and our society are in the grip of Covid 19, not only our society but the whole world is trapped in this epidemic of compassion, so today we are going to tell you some important things which is very important to know because if you  keep acquaintance, then you can save yourself from doing it and today we will also discuss some precautions about whether you and your family and the whole world can avoid this epidemic by doing things.

 First of all, Follow the guidelines well, if the government asks us to do something, it is only for our good, due to the negligence of some people, the pace of the epidemic has increased very much in our country, nowadays, in about 24 hours, one lakh cases get to see more than that, first of all, you do not leave your house without doing any necessary work because it has been seen that people get out of their homes without even working and they do it with fun. For you, the disease is spreading in more villages than cities because the people of the village did not follow the rules from the beginning, they believed that this disease only spreads in the cities and cannot reach the village, but they believed it was wrong today.  As a result of this, the disease is increasing very fast in the village.  If the governments of each district are engaged in securing their districts, then it is also the duty of the people of those districts to obey their government and not leave the house without any reason.


 1) We have to take precautions on some things like minimum number of people attend the wedding engagement ceremony in the village, according to the government guidelines, only 20 people have been allowed to go to the wedding, but people are violating it.

2)  Do not work out according to the time given in the guidelines given by the government without leaving the house without any necessary work.

3)  People aged 18+ and above get vaccinated so that you can stay away from this disease.

 4) People will die due to the vaccine to be kept away from these rumors because many scientists have made this vaccine together and all its tests have been done.

 5) Always keep marks and sanitizer with you and keep sanitizing your hands every 30 minutes, do not touch your nose, ear or mouth.

 6) If you go for vaccination, then you should check the vaccine thoroughly or get the vaccine administered by a doctor and get it done in the presence of the doctor. Do not get the vaccination done from any local place.
 7) Because we have come to know from our daily update that fake vaccination kit has also come in the market.

 8) If you feel that your health is bad or if you felt positive with covid 19, then you can quarantine yourself at home 

Vaccine registration process

1) Open Aarogya Setu or Co-win wesite.

2) Enter your mobile number and click on get OTP when you receive OTP fill it and Proceed.

3) In Aarogya setu app, go to the Co-win taband tab on the vaccination tab.Tab on Proceed.

4) Now a registration page will appear where you need to enter the photo ID type.Number and your full name on it.you also need to enter the gender and age of the person.For example:- Pan card, Aadhar card etc.

5) If the person you are registering for is a senior citizen click on the register button if you are registering a person with comorbidities you have to click on yes when it ask do you have any comorbidities. People is between 45 year to 60 years will need to carry a medical certificate when they go for appointment once registered a confirm message will send to the register mobile number.

6) After the registration process the system will display a account detail one person can add 4 more people linked to the mobile number enter before you can click on the add button and enter the detail of other individual to registered for them as well

Link for Vaccination:-Co-win

 Link for Vaccination:-Aarogya Setu

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