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Cyclone Tauktae

ByRohit Sharma

May 21, 2021

 Today we are going to talk about hearing the cyclone that has been born in the Bay of Bengal.  I am going to talk about where the Tauktae storm will go and where. We have to take care of this cyclone at this time, so today we will talk about it in our post, what things you have to take care of and protect yourself from this cyclone.This cyclone has more powerfull than last year the speed of this cyclone is 260km/h. It hits the west coast of india.

Cyclone is coming again in India but this time it will come from the eastern direction.  On May 17, it will be in its most dangerous form and it is causing a lot of devastation in the western areas of India. The India Med Department has said that on May 23, there is acceptation of having the most compress system in Bengal.  It has been warned that it should not go near water near May 23, nor should its votes cast ships in the water, because these areas are going to be very low in pressure at this time.  In the met department, it has been said that the reason for the rise of this cyclone is the low temperature of the relations of the Bay of Bengal.  If it becomes a cyclone, it is going to be the second largest storm in India due to which India will have to suffer a lot of damage because the tauktae cyclone is going to be the second most dangerous scyclone in India which can enjoy devastation for about 1 week.

What do you know about this new cyclone?
 It is believed that this cyclone will develop near Andaman 22nd and it is expected that it may reach Orissa and West Bengal by May 26th.  Will be in the Gulf of  In Oman it has named Yass the cyclone.  The Met department has warned that Andaman and Nicobar are unlikely to be held on 22 and 23 May.  Took home in Odisha, West Bengal and Assam is expected to receive heavy rains by 25 May.  It can be inferred that the Tauktae cyclone is more powerful than the cyclone in the Bay of Bengal.  The IMD has strictly warned moving closer to the Andaman East Coast and the Bay of Bengal.

Why is India witnessing so many tropical stroms ?
 If the last 10 years are kept in mind, then India has become a hotspot area of ​​cyclone. Tropical cyclone are formed by heating the ocean water near the equator. Last year, Indai witness  called  Nisarga and Amphan we called  Two parts of India were severely damaged.  Due to the change of weather, the temperature of our atmosphere is increasing, due to which such incidents are happening.  Due to this change in environment, severe and powerful storms are being created near India.  Experts say that due to this change in the atmosphere, the formation of cyclone is coming out in the oceans.  Due to the rainy season before the rainy season, people have to suffer the loss of many things.

Precaution that you should do.

1) Don’t go closer to the sea and ocean.

2) If you stay near the bank of the river, sea and ocean than migrate from there.

3) collect the necessary things (food,cloths,lighter,medicine etc)

4) Don’t be panic and don’t trust on rumor.

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