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Emulator for pc.

ByRohit Sharma

May 19, 2021

 By using the Emulator, we can make our gaming experience very good and can run applications that provide problems in running on our computer.  With the help of the Emulator, we can run a lot of games at once.  There is a disadvantage that when the emulator runs in our system, the processing of our system becomes very slow.

The best five modulator for pc mac or windows.

No.1 LDPlayer         

Ld player is a Android emulator system software It provides many of plenty features that are fully performed by Android Systems.It give you a next level experiences of gaming and other works.             


 1) You can download any game pre install from the Play Store

 2)  It also helps a lot in managing our game.

 3) We can open a lot of games at the same time, it is also very easy.

 4) It only supports windows and pc.

 5) You can also control it with the keyboard and mouse

No.2 NOX Player

Nox player is one of the best Emulator it is suggest by all game lovers all over the world.You can ran this Emulators in various devices and performs multiple functions.


 1) A very good emulator is for the computer, you can control it with keyboard and mouse while playing any game.

 2)  It comes with a lot of good recorders, so that you can also record your gaming while playing the game and can play it anytime.

 3)  it supports mac or windows both.

No.3 Prime OS

Prime OS emulator is provides us fully desktop experience the same as pc window or mac with access to many android applications.This Emulator is design like the fusion of android or pc.


  1) It supports all platforms android microsoft windows.

  2) You can download it very easily, it gets downloaded in single click.

  3) With this, you can improve the performance of your window

  4) It gives you a different experience of playing games

No.4 Archon

Archon is a Emulator provides by google chrome.you can run all official application in google chrome packages.The best thing of this emulator is it is very light made emulator.


  1) This is a very low MB emulator because it comes from Google Chrome.

  2) You can use it  all operating systems.

  3) This is the best emulator because it is the most advanced emulator from Linux.

  4) You can also use this emulator in all systems.

No.5 Arc welder

Arc welder is also a android modulator that is provides by google chrome to run and the application of window systems.


 1) It is also one of the best emulator that helps converting your Android system into a window.  It also  comes from Chrome.
 2)  If you want, you can also test it using Google Chrome.
 3) It only supports windows.

What is a emulator ?

Emulator is a kind of program that can convert your window into a mac, people use it for many  things,especially for playing games, here we will tell you some of its advantage and  disadvantages Emulator is a program that helps other software run completely on your computer.The most common use of Emulator is that people use it to play games such that people can run operating system of Mac Book on their computer windows.Emulator also gives you the facility that you can run applications which are not running in your computer.An Android emulator is a software application that allows your mobile to imitate Android OS features into your PC.

Advantage and disadvantages of Modulator 

1) To convert your window into mac operating systems.
2) It makes your gaming experience too good.
3) To run those application that doesn’t  work in your window systems.

1) If a emulator is install in your pc or mac or any operating systems than your systems work slow.
2) It cannot emulate the performance of an app in terms of incoming calls, SMS, etc.

 These are five best emulator.
1) LDPlayer
2) NOX player
3) Prime OS
4) Archon
5) Arc welder

Links of the Emulator
1) LDPlayer #LDPlayer
2) NOX Player #NOX Player
3) Prime OS #Prime OS
4) Archon #Archon
5) Arc Welder #Arc Welder

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