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How much time can we survive in free fire?

ByRohit Sharma

Feb 19, 2021

Hello Friends,

Welcome all of you to one of our new posts. So friends as you know that free fire game is becoming very popular in today’s time. So friends, in this post today, we are going to talk about how long we can all survive in the free fire game. As you may be aware, Free Fire is a game in which you have to stay as long as possible. Friends, how long you guys can stay in free fire depends on the different modes of this game. Today we will talk about some different notes of free fire in this post and the time it takes. So let’s start: –

1.So friends, first of all we will talk about Classic / Ranked full Map matches which is the most preferred mode of free fire and the best thing is that this mode is permanently available in this game. Friends, in this mode, you and 49 different players land with you on different locations in the same map. After this they all fight each other and the player who survive until the end is called the winner and gets “BOOYAH”. So friends now talk about how long you can stay in this mood for the maximum time, so it takes about 14 to 18 minutes.


2. Clash Squad Matches:-
So guys, now we talk about the second most liked mode in Free Fire which is “Clash Squad Matches”. Earlier this mode came for a short time in this game, but now the mode has become permanent after people liked it more. Friends talk about this mode, so this mode you can only play in Squad. You can’t play it alone. Let’s talk about how long you can stay in it, so you can stay alive for about 15 to 25 minutes in it and it depends on the player playing the game.

3. Team Death Match (TDM):-
Friends talk about our third mode which is very much liked and played a lot in Free Fire. Friends, the name of this turn is “TDM (Team Death Match)”. Friends, almost all of you must have played this turn and enjoyed a lot. Let’s talk about what type this mode is, then friends, it is also a Squad game and in this also you can play only with your friends, not at all. Now let’s talk about how long you can play in this mode, then friends, you can play for about 10 to 12 minutes in this game. Although this time is much shorter than other modes but still or twist is very enjoyable. But this mode comes only for a short time in Free Fire.

4. So friends, it was some information about some different modes of free fire games, how long we can survive in these different modes. Apart from this, there are many more modes in this game, which is not a permanent but very favorite. If you want information about those modes then do comment below and if you liked this post, then share it with your friends and stay with us to get similar information.
❤️Thanks you and love you all❤️

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