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How to get diamond in free fire ?

ByRohit Sharma

Feb 21, 2021

Hello Friends,

Welcome all of you to our new and fun post today. Friends, today we are going to talk about Diamond in Free Fire Game which is one of the valuable things in Free Fire Game. With which you can buy all new items and gifts in Free Fire. But the problem is that in the free fire game you do not get to see this diamond for free. Rather, you have to invest your money, which is not possible for every free fire player. But there is also an item that we get for free and a lot in this game every day. The name of that item is “Gold Coins”. So friends, our post today is on whether we can convert gold coins into diamonds in Free Fire or buy diamonds from these gold coins. If we can buy diamond in exchange for gold coins, then Free Fire gives us one diamond for how many gold coins. Friends, today we are going to talk about this, so stay tuned with us in this important topic which is very important for every free fire player

First of all, friends, we talk about Gold Coins, friends, you get to see it every day for free on playing free fire games, but this gold coin is available in limited quantity daily. You cannot take any gold coins you want in this game. If we talk, we get about 1000 to 1500 gold coins in this game in 1 day, which is a lot for us.

So friends, let’s talk about how these coins are full for us. With Friends in Gold Coin, we can increase the level of all characters in Free Fire and win a lot of things by spinning in Gold Royal. With this, these gold coins are used in many events coming to our game Friends, the biggest question here is whether we can take diamonds from them. Is it really possible So friends, I would like to tell you that it is not possible in any situation in the free fire game. Even though you may have seen many such videos on YouTube, many of them tell you the trick is easy on YouTube and they recommend you to do this trick, but friends, it is all a lie
 Actually, there is no such trick in this game. Many YouTubers do this for their benefit and give you wrong information. Friends, I would advise you not to fall into the trap of all these. Many youtubers call this trick a trick given by the game but so far Free Fire has not brought any such trick in this game. So please stay away from all such videos.

Friends, a lot of people also tell it easy through hacking and in their videos they show this by doing so. But any such trick threatens your account and your account can be banned anytime. So I would advise you to stay away from hacking and to entertain the game in a good way and not to harm anything. All these things tell us that there is no possible way in this game that can convert gold coin into diamond.

So friends, another question comes to us here, then how do we get diamonds in our account for free and how to buy new things and events from these diamonds. I have a legal and easy way for you to take diamonds directly into your account. If you really want to take diamonds for free, then click on the link given below.

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