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How to get free diamond in free fire and who to get free dj Alok?

ByRohit Sharma

Jan 19, 2021

Hello!  How have you all been requesting me for a long time to give the character of Sir Free Fire to DJ Alok, so I thought why not put a giveaway in which all of you participate and we will give DJ Top to our top 10 winning winners

Do not do anything, you just have to do a small process, which is good luck, it will come in our top ten and we will give it to DJ Alok. All you have to do is stay connected with us and comment your ID in our comment box, we are not just DJ Alok  All the other awards are brought to you like Diamond Fire Skin of Free Fire etc.  You will be very happy to know that we giveaway on our website every week and we give diamonds to our winners free of cost.  You also have to start. To win the DJ Alok character, you have to follow some easy rules and you don’t have to be disappointed if no DJ has won the lock because we have something special for those friends too. Now Diesel  If you do not live now, we gift you a free fire diamond.  There are some of our friends who love free fire and are very good players too, but many such friends do not have enough money to buy good songs scheme, buy tomorrow or expensive characters.  For every week we bring the giveaway in which he can take part and get the diamond for free.
 What is free fire diamond?
 Many of all of you who would know what a free fire diamond is, but if many of my friends do not know this, then let me tell them.  By using Free Fire Diamond, we use Gun Skin Vehicle Skin DJ Alok to take a tractor using Free Fire Diamond, now you can participate in many matches and tell you in an easy way, like UC Coin in Free Fire Diamond Pub.  It happens
  How to get free fire diamond?
 Many of you can get free fire diamonds, but there are some friends of mine who cannot buy them, so you have no need to worry, you will find many such people on YouTube who keep giving you whatever you want.  So you can win free fire diamond of the contest game and the easiest way you can stay connected with us is we give redeem code every week using which you can get diamond in free fire, you don’t have to do anything, you just have to give your ID in our comment box  You have to comment, do not write anything other than your ID, this leaves you outside the giveaway.
 Redeem Code

Link of applicationDigi 
Referral code 319A8
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  2. Bro from where you get money to gift alok or redeem codes don't be angry I am just asking if you see this please show this comment in your next video my uid 2609892106

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