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How to get free diamond in free fire ? ?

ByRohit Sharma

Jan 15, 2021

 Hello friends!  Welcome to all of you again in our special topic.  Hope you all are well in this lockdown.  If anyone has supported us in this lock down, then it is Games, Movies and News.  We have also become fond of games in this lockdown.  Nowadays, a game is becoming very popular on the Play Store, which is called Free Fire.  Friends, as much as we are good at playing this game, we also find diamonds in it.  But there will also be many such children among you who cannot buy these diamonds, then we have a good news for all of them, so let’s start.

Friends, I have brought a trick for all of you, using which you can win diamonds for free in free fire and you can take diamonds very easily and very much, for this you do not have to do much with us.  Stay connected so that whenever we bring something good for you, all of you will be able to take advantage of it first.  First of all, we would like to tell you one thing, if you do not get diamonds in the first place then there is no need to worry, you just have to try again, you will definitely get diamonds.

# How can we win every week

 * Friends, you can collect free tickets in it and can live up to $ 5 by participating in the weekly events in it.

 * Apart from this you can also live very big prizes in it, like many people win up to 100 rupees every week.

 * By completing the Daily Challenge, we can win the prize every day.

 * By winning in the Lucky Gamer, you can win different types of prizes.

 # How can you live tickets

 * Play the game given in this app and win tickets by completing missions in it.

 * Invite your friends and win tickets and dollars for free.

Friends, the name of the app that he is going to tell you is the biggest thing is Granny Rewards or it is an Indian app and if you download it then you are absolutely safe.  Friends, if you are fond of reading news in your home, then you will be very happy to know that this app is a best news app.  With this app, you can easily read news related to business, entertainment and sports.  It also gives you a chance to win coins, if you refer this app with your friend then it becomes a good platform to earn money.  Friends, you also get a spin wheel in which you can live 5 to 15 coins by spin, if according to me, it is a very good app, in this you can spin daily for not one hundred times but this is the only thing  Forces us to download this app.  If I give my opinion, I like it very much myself, only then I have written this post for you.


      Link of the app Roj win 

      Link of the appDigi app

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